HTC One M9 Unboxing and First Impressions


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  • Lim Chee Hean April 3, 2015 Reply

    Hey floss,
    What’s with the dent on the back of yr iPhone 6?

  • farha543 April 3, 2015 Reply

    Great unboxing. Always look forward to your videos. Speaking of large phone
    HTC have said they are releasing a larger version of the m9. I think over
    5.5inch screen. 

  • ZeroGrav_ April 3, 2015 Reply

    I noticed that for the gold model, it says “Gold on Silver” and not just
    ‘gold’ or ‘silver’.

  • Guptaranjan Satapathy April 3, 2015 Reply

    I want to be online this sunday how can i see u live streaming

  • Anonymouslives April 3, 2015 Reply

    Man, Floss, don’t you feel like you got trolled by HTC? you paid $700 for
    HTC to take their left over M8’s, put on some gold colored trim edges,
    move the power button, and put a whack ass camera in the back. Oh, and an
    extra GB of RAM, then call it a new phone. Meanwhile those dudes in China
    have a real upgrade with 5.2″ UHD screen, finger print scanner in the
    front, etc. How can you not feel ripped off?

  • 340PD April 3, 2015 Reply

    Although his reviews are very informative my reason for watching this guy
    is more for the unique style.
    Viewers may not notice that what they are listening to is not so easy to
    pull off. Yes, he is used to it by now but still difficult to keep a rapid
    flow going and staying on point.
    If you want to try it: pretend that you are going to speak rapidly on
    camera (audio) and see how long you can last…..even if you know your
    There is a reason why some people are perfect for YouTube and some: not so

  • truetype80 April 3, 2015 Reply

    My m8 takes great pics. Don’t get why ppl say it sucks 

  • Flossy Carter April 3, 2015 Reply

    HTC M9 Unboxing and First Impressions

  • Bruno Gonzalez April 3, 2015 Reply

    My brother I was waiting on this. And now waiting to go order one online 

  • DJ SHAKE April 3, 2015 Reply

    Sick ! Been waiting for this !

  • Markeia Young April 3, 2015 Reply

    Thinnerness made my day. Looking forward to the real review so I can ditch
    my iPhone.

  • Mangy Desperado April 3, 2015 Reply

    Though I have no intentions of getting this phone because of HTC cameras
    (picture quality is an absolute must), I do enjoy his unique & honest

  • Richard Gao April 3, 2015 Reply

    +Flossy Carter the M9 actually does have Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0. Great
    video though

  • Timothy Shelsea April 3, 2015 Reply

    Springtime = new phone season, and HTC M9 is a great way to kick off the
    fun! As always, excellent initial impressions! Looking forward to the “Real
    Review”. Going to have to wait for the S6/S6 edge and G4 to drop before
    deciding on what to upgrade to. 

  • The786legend April 3, 2015 Reply

    floss, the M9 is fast charge enabled, it’s just the charging block that’s
    included isn’t a fast charger. You can pick one up direct from HTC. I know,
    so stupid…

  • mmucc073 April 3, 2015 Reply

    Another great video But I don’t get how you and so many more ppl Love the
    HTC line so Much . I got the m7 Years ago and besides the Sound I didn’t
    like the phone I got Galaxy’s all day and won’t spend a dime if it ain’t a
    S or a Note , looking forward to the s6 and s6 edge Review.

  • Bajesus042 April 3, 2015 Reply

    You should do an unboxing of your unboxing knife

  • DrGanja99 April 3, 2015 Reply


  • Al Briano April 3, 2015 Reply

    Go out and find an Isheep SOCK HIM in his jaw and put the HTC sticker on
    his face!

  • Derick Jacob April 3, 2015 Reply

    The Worse Phone Made By HTC I’m Sorry To Say That But The M8 Is Better (My

  • George Da Silva April 4, 2015 Reply

    +Flossy Carter the M9 does come with fast charge.. 

  • roxas the rogue April 4, 2015 Reply

    im debating between this, note 5 edge or lg g4 

  • Anass Ben April 4, 2015 Reply

    +Flossy Carter Nice review man , Great job , Much love from Morocco

  • Jose Cerdeiras April 4, 2015 Reply

    HTC Max coming may June and there watch as well 

  • Divinus FiliuS April 5, 2015 Reply

    What an awesome, entertaining take on a review, really thank you. I’m at 4
    min, that phone just sitting there, shiny but true metal almost chrome,
    looks so friking amazing like a million $$$!!!!

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