25 thoughts on “Snoop Dogg Disses Lil Wayne’s ‘I’m the New Pac’ 2Pac (Tupac) Self-Proclaim

  1. lil wayne need to get shot 4 sayin hes the new 2pac ,to the people that grew up around the 80s-90s .that shit offended aloooot of people i bet you …

  2. I can’t believe snoop said he allowed 2pac to shine what a buster Pac shines automatically .you don’t allow a diamond to shine the diamond shines by its self. Snoop can’t compare to Pac I’m sorry.

  3. Lmao if old wayne said that then yeah it wouldnt be to much of a bad thing but the Lil Wayne of the last few years has been just awful hell ill go ahead and say it Lil Wayne sucks the way he raps now is shitty at best hes so terrible hes on Soulja Boy’s level lyrically he needs to stop rapping gives rap and bad name forreal but to say you the new TuPac and you rap like shit dont go together i was born in ’94 but ive listened to Pac and the verses are incomparable

  4. Honestly I don’t think Tupac would it take little wing spot. I think a little Wayne says knowing that he looks up to Tupac that he would have been just a successful

  5. I’m not taking anything away from Snoop, but he’s bugging when he said he let Pac shine. That nigga Pac came back with a vengeance with that All eyes on Me. Pac told Suge that if he came to Death Row he’ll sell 7 million right out of the gate and he did just that. What other MC can say they’re going to sell 7 mill and actually do it? Pac was not the most lyrical MC, but he was the most versatile, that’s what made him the best.

  6. Use are dumb snoop no matter what he’s doing now smoking up in mountains and shit was one of the greatest he came up in the game bfore pac and pac wanted to be on his level no disrespect to pac intended tho he’s one of my favs but snoop did step aside for pac to shine no doubt

  7. A lot of the nuance in 2pacs rhymes go completely unnoticed. I always laugh when peoplesay 2pac wasn’t lyrical, He was more lyrical than most people can understand. Themes are laced through his lyrics, his poetic technique was to be raw forming bars as if he was speaking. Lacing rhymes together, stacking syllables, flipping cadence, they’re cool, but they’re limiting. Pac used lyrics to deliver mass amounts of thoughts and feelings. If your not saying anything, lyrics are pointless.

  8. He seriously disrespectful. Pac is the pinnacle of rap, can’t nobody say otherwise. Pac moved mountains and broke the mold.

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